Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spring piano recital

Great job by the girls for their Spring piano recital. More pictures to come soon!


Friday, January 24, 2014


December was jam packed with activities.  The girls enjoyed a ride on the Polar Express and met Santa before we took our trip to Florida.


This was their first time sledding this year, back in mid-December.

We really enjoyed the holidays.  Lots of family time and warm weather made for a great vacation.  First stop was Disney World! Pluto and Goofy greeted us at the hotel.

Meeting this cat from the Aristocats was at the top of Harper's list and she was right there at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  The girls met lots of characters and enjoyed the holiday decorations and rides.

We headed to Naples and had a blast with Meme and Baba for Christmas.  The girls made Christmas cookies and decorated chocolate Christmas houses with Meme.

Harper was pleased that Santa brought her this EZ Bake Oven, along with chef dress up clothes.

Ida got her wish - a remote control robot.

Relaxing with their new comic books.

Getting ready to go out to dinner with Meme and Baba.

We sure did enjoy the warm weather!  The girls spent most of their time in the pool, but somehow we didn't get any pictures of all the fun they had swimming and diving.

Ida's self-portrait in sand.

Nana, Papa, and the Beckers all came down too.  The kids love their cousins!

Papa received the coveted baseball trophy.

Ida Jane lost her tooth!

On New Year's Eve, we boarded the autotrain, which took us from FL to VA.  The girls loved it.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Late Fall

The girls marched in the Veterans Day Parade with their Daisy troop.

 Harper was pleased to come in 4th place at her school Turkey Trot.  She is in the back of the photo, right by the sign.

 We had a fun Thanksgiving with the Fiorelli family.  Here is the kid table.

Silly faces

 Ida Jane created a sled that is powered by hippos.  Ida Claus is in the seat of honor.

Fun decorating the tree!

 We headed out to the Nutcracker on a rainy Sunday in Boston.

 The Zoll girls were thrilled to share the day with the Fiorelli girls!

Lots of fun holiday times ahead!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


It has been a beautiful fall here in New England.  Hard to believe it is Halloween already!
As Harper said, "I have been waiting for Halloween for a long time."  To prepare, the girls carved pumpkins. 

Harper marched in the kindergarten parade at school.

Decorating pumpkins after the parade was lots of fun!

Ida Jane's school has a pumpkin parade.  Students bring pumpkins and line the walkway with them.  Ida Jane did hers all by herself!  It is the bat flying past the moon.

Harper also made a bat pumpkin in school.

Trick or Treat!


 Other October events included apple picking and the Renaissance Festival. 

The girls loved apple picking. 

We all enjoy our yearly visit to the Renaissance Festival.

Of course, we are very excited about the Red Sox!!!  
What an October!